TECHNOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT: Roller burnishing is a highly efficient and future-oriented process for optimizing metal surfaces. We deliver innovative and sophisticated solutions of excellent quality, developed with a creative approach, and offer the user maximum economy and durability.


HOW OUR CUSTOMERS BENEFIT: We offer users of our roller burnishing tools a wide range of standardized and tailor-made solutions. The wellengineered design down to the smallest detail and a large in-house manufacturing range make it possible to provide customers with durable precision tools of the highest quality.


THE SUCCESS OF OUR PRODUCTS HAS MANY REASONS: One very important one is the highly developed measuring technology and the resulting documentation. It provides reliable statements about the mode of operation of our tools. This makes it easier for you to evaluate them with regard to the exact performance of the task and thus virtually eliminates the risk of wrong investments.

CONDITIONS FOR THE DEVELOPMENTOF FIRST_CLASS BURNISHING TOOLS: Within the company we maintain an appreciative and collegial approach, promote the qualifications of our employees and keep the enthusiasm for innovation alive. In addition, we cooperate with universities and thus maintain a close integration of current theory and proven practice.

CERTIFICATED QUALITY: All production processes are certified and subject to a complete quality control. To enable the user to minimize set-up times, we pay attention to simple handling and quick tool changes.