Optimized surfaces by roller-burnishing and diamond-burnishing.


Specialists for thread rolling and thread cutting.


A Passion for precision - diamond dressing tools of the highest quality.


Welcome to the specialists for the optimization of metal surfaces
by roller burnishing and the experts for external thread production.

Optimized Surfaces by roller-burnishing
and diamond-burnishing.

The benefit of roller burnishing is the economical, simple and reliable manufacturing of maximum surface quality while increasing the strength and hardness of the workpiece.

External cylindrical machining
of the premium class

Wether you are thread rolling or cutting – Wagner® Tooling Systems offers all methods for external thread machining from a single source: Axial rolling heads, side rolling tools, cutting heads and multi-cutting rotary heads.

A passion
for precision

Technical know-how in diamond grinding and tool production with decades of experience – on this basis we develop and manufacture dressing tools which are highly valued by users at home and abroad due to their precision and durability.



  • large working range (nominal-ø 10 mm bis 22 mm)
  • large bore diameter
  • large roll diameter
  • front Panel with large bore for large collar diameters
  • small measurements
  • user-friendly due to easy handling and replaceable wearing parts
  • sturdy Attachement of the exchangeable receptacle shafts (for all common interfaces)

* accessories: rollers,
locking device, shank



In the case of cut threads, the course of the grain of the workpiece is interrupted. With rolled threads, on the other hand, the grain flow is not interrupted, thus the surface of the thread is hardened and the workpiece is less sensitive to notch effects. With the Baublies single roller tool for deep rolling of radii on threads, an increase in the dynamic strength properties can be achieved. The tool rolls the core radius of an external thread and thus hardens the surface. The result is higher wear resistance and reduced notch sensitivity.


  • different roll geometries possible
  • easy replacement of the rollers
  • short processing times
  • no set-up and transport costs